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Women Preaching & Teaching in Churches

When Jesus Christ was about to finish His ministry on Earth, He gave us the great commission when He said believers were to spread the gospel to all the ends of the World. He said all those who believed would do great works in preaching the gospel. He did not say only men would do the great works but all believers (Mark16:16-17). 

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Power of Fasting By Apostle Howard Tundu

Fasting is abstaining from food in order to pray to God. Fasting in the Bible was resorted to for different reasons and motives. Daniel fasted and persisted in prayer for 21 days till he got an answer from God through an Angel. Some people like David fasted and sought God to reverse judgement though this was not granted because God was determined to execute it.

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Notes about the Prophetic Ministry By Howard Tundu

1. Prophesying is by the Holy Spirit and should never be done by faith alone.

2. God can show details yet He can withhold certain information----it is unbiblical for a Prophet to say he or she can prophesy on anything anytime. Be careful when a Prophet asks you which area of your life you want him or her to prophesy on. God is not there to speak to any area of one’s life anytime but to speak what is appropriate and useful for His purpose in a particular season.

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Divorce and Remarriage By Howard Tundu

Marriage is the coming together of a man and a woman by mutual agreement to become one flesh. Thus there is to be complete union of interests, fortunes, desires, joys, sorrows, and life- long partnership. The opposite of marriage is divorce. For the marriage contract to be established there is need for the consent of parents or guardians as much as possible. There is also the requirement to pay the bridal price in some cultures. The wife could also be given to her husband even before payment of the whole bridal price as in Genesis 29:25-30. God honors the vows and pledges made in the process of establishing the marriage contract. 

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Pamphlet for New Believers

Congratulations for making the decision to follow Jesus.  

The moment you allow Jesus Christ to abide in you and be the Lord of your life you become qualified to walk in the path of life, victory, glory, true enjoyment and abounding blessings.

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Anointed items or idol worshiping By Howard Tundu

Of late, there has been a lot of Scriptural abuse in the churches. We have heard of anointing water, anointing oil, anointed towels, anointed wristbands and recently anointed exam pens as the list continues to grow. I want to bring to the attention of readers that it is very necessary to be wise and not to fall prey to scheming fund-raisers who prowl on their ignorance.

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