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Only God gives orders to Angels, saints should stop operating in error!

There is so much happening in the Body of Christ with respect to Angels and their role in the Church of Jesus Christ. The Bible is full of incidences where Angels played an active role in ministering to God’s people in giving direction.

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Does the Bible allow unmarried persons to use Donor sperm or egg for those who need babies?

The Donor facilitated In vitro fertilization procedure involves fertilizing an egg outside the body using the sperm of someone who is not one’s spouse, in a laboratory dish, and then implanting it in a woman's uterus. On the other hand, for human artificial insemination, a doctor inserts sperm directly into a woman's cervix, fallopian tubes, or uterus.

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Church Treasurer & Secretary Duties Guidelines

The church Treasurer and Secretary in local assemblies are the ministries of helps and also fall under the categotry of Deacons only that these are specialised Deacons with specific areas of focus.

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Duties of Deacons & Today's Elders

The New Testament Church has Deacons who were mostlly leaders responsible for helping in the local gathering of believers. These leaders were supposed to be full of the Holy Spirit and committed to the work of God.

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Qn asked on Submission to Spouses who are not of Faith

“Having a husband who does not believe in the Lord and involved in African traditional worship of ancestral spirits and appeasing the dead, what should I do as a wife if he insists that I go together with him.”

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Qn asked by a church member on Anointed Materials

We see people from other churches being given towels and anointed items like wristbands for their deliverance and protection what is your opinion with regards to this?

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The Anomaly of Praying to "God" of So and So!

There is a trend which has developed in the Body of Christ where people pray to the God of their church leaders. When Jesus Christ taught believers on how to pray in Matthew 6, He showed us that prayer should be addressed to God, "our" Father in heaven who is not only the God of our leaders.

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Spiritual Fathers & Sons in Light of the Bible

I want to help many believers in the Lord on the issue of Spiritual fathers and spiritual sons. The concept has been over stretched to the extent that when a particular man of God visits another man of God for acquaintance or guidance there is usually the question of “Who is your spiritual father?’.

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True vs False Prophets

Many people believe in Prophets and trust that they can find help from the Prophets to receive direction, healing, to get children and or to be protected from evil spirits. People however tend to seek help from wrong sources when they experience hardships and end up being deceived, and without the true knowledge of salvation.

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The Holy Spirit baptism

The Holy Spirit baptism is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon believers who are already saved and thus already have the indwelling of God’s Spirit in them. The baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers believers for service in God’s Kingdom and can happen soon after salvation or later. Sometimes it may not happen till people get enlightened as in Acts 8 and Acts 19.

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