We see people from other churches being given towels and anointed items like wristbands for their deliverance and protection what is your opinion with regards to this?


Apostle Howard shared from Acts 19:11-12 when Aprons and handkerchiefs that had been used by Paul were taken to the sick and afflicted to heal them and expel demons. Acts 19:11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:19:12 So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

He went on to say some people have taken it from this scripture but not realising that it was not that the Apostles prayed for these things then sent them to people but it was people who exercised their faith by taking any items that would have come into contact with the anointing upon Paul to minister that anointing to the sick and afflicted. It also happened with Peter he did not instruct people to lay the sick on his path for his shadow to heal them but it was all being done by believers as a way to exercise their faith and receive from God freely.

Apostle Howard then went on to share that God could sometimes give an instruction to some man of God to use certain means to minister healing through certain mediums as what happened when Jesus anointed sand or church elders used oil after prayer. He however stated that these instructions at best could be occasional and not become routine since the way Jesus commanded was for us to call upon His Name for healing by laying on of hands and words of command for sicknesses and demons to leave. We have to rely on His protection not through mediums of wristbands or other staff.

Apostle Howard then said, as an example, he noted that Prophet TB. Joshua could have been instructed by God those days he came up with anointing water but the problem is others can just copy and it becomes routine, even on those who got instruction in the first place they can go to the extremes and do it in a manner God has not sanctioned like selling it or believers idolising it in a manner that takes the place of God. Moses was instructed to speak to the rock to bring out water for people but he hit it and produced the desired results but God was not pleased by the means even though for the sake of His people He brought the results. Some ministers could be seeing success but it does not mean God is approving the means especially where others make money out of it or some items are relied upon more than the invisible omnipresent God who should shield us at all times. Anything that seeks to replace the proper doctrinal way becomes an idol.